Finding Long-Term Success in the Lash Extensions Industry as a Lash Technician (part 2)

The lash extensions industry offers exciting opportunities for lash technicians to build rewarding careers and achieve long-term success. To thrive in this competitive field and establish yourself as a reputable lash technician, we’ll be listing 10 key strategies to help you find your success, each day we’ll be listing and chatting about 1 key strategy. Remember to come back daily to read more about the others!

Yesterday, we posted the first strategy, being Quality Education and Training, click here to read more if you missed it.

Master the Basics:

It takes years to truly master your skills as a lash technician, it’s important to master the fundamentals of lash application before venturing into advanced techniques. What is part and parcel to mastering the basics is also the basic understanding of products, understanding how the glue works, what glue is suitable for your environment, what types of lashes do you work with best, what shape tweezers are the best for you? Those are all basics that you need to master.

We’ve said this time and time again, “practice makes perfect” especially in this field. Practice extensively on mannequins and live models to build your confidence and improve your speed and precision. Mastering the basics will lay a solid foundation for your lash career and ensure consistent, beautiful results for your clients. Continuously doing lashes is like learning to ride a bicycle, over time it becomes second nature to you, you will no longer feel awkward and your confidence grows from every set you do.

It’s so easy to fall into the endless hole of wanting to do lashes like someone else, we often beat ourselves up when we feel that we are not doing things good enough. You never know how long it took someone else to master it and how hard it was for them. If you’re ever curious, ask them! We’ve been cultivating a friendly and kind community of lash babes over the years where ladies stand up to help each other and share knowledge and information. Helping another to light their candle doesn’t stop your own from shining!

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Come back tomorrow to read on about finding your success in part 3!

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