Finding Long-Term Success in the Lash Industry as a Lash Technician (part 3)

The lash extensions industry offers exciting opportunities for lash technicians to build rewarding careers and achieve long-term success. To thrive in this competitive field and establish yourself as a reputable lash technician, we’ll be listing 10 key strategies to help you find your success, each day we’ll be listing and chatting about 1 key strategy. Remember to come back daily to read more about the others!

Last week, we posted the second strategy, being Master the basics, click here to read more if you missed it.

Prioritise Client Satisfaction:

Your clients are the lifeblood of your lash business. Focus on delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding their expectations. We’ve always supported the idea that we prefer to under-sell but over deliver and by that you can exceed your client’s expectations if you really know how to manage them.

Take the time to understand their needs and preferences, communicate effectively, and address any concerns they may have. It’s vital that we spend time at the beginning of every appointment with a new client to go through the process of lash extensions, what this service entails and also to map out what kind of lashes they want. Make sure you book in a full 15min for this conversation. You may also ask clients to bring some reference photos if they have it, but it’s so important for them to understand that no 2 sets of lashes are alike, given the state of the natural lashes and also the eye shape, their lash extensions may not look like someone else’s.

Happy clients are more likely to become repeat customers and refer you to others. Providing good customer service does not mean you need to bend over backwards for them unnecessarily, but some patience, understanding, kindness and professionalism can work in your favour when it comes to client’s satisfaction. It is important to stay professional, even when faced with a difficult client, remember you have no control over her actions but you have control over yours, staying professional and courteous can only make you look good even in a tough position.

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Come back tomorrow to read on about finding your success in part 4!

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