Finding Long-Term Success in the Lash Industry as a Lash Technician (part 4)

The lash extensions industry offers exciting opportunities for lash technicians to build rewarding careers and achieve long-term success. To thrive in this competitive field and establish yourself as a reputable lash technician, we’ll be listing 10 key strategies to help you find your success, each day we’ll be listing and chatting about 1 key strategy. Remember to come back daily to read more about the others!

Last week, we posted the third strategy, being Prioritize client satisfaction, click here to read more if you missed it.

Build a Strong Professional Network:

Networking is crucial for success in any industry, in particular those that involve working with people. Connect with fellow lash technicians, industry professionals, and potential clients through social media platforms, industry events, and local beauty communities.

Lashpro has always stood by the idea that we are in fact building a greater industry by supporting and connecting with each other. By building a better industry together, everyone who is in this industry whether you are a supplier or a lash technician, you get to benefit from the goodwill of the industry. It’s a win win situation!

We are also strong believers of collaborations and sharing knowledge with each other, as this builds a strong foundation of support where lash technicians and suppliers can foster a strong professional network, ultimately this leads to opportunities and referrals. People enjoy doing business with people, so a little kindness and humility goes a long way.

After everything is said, you may ask “so where do I start?” – the easiest way to start is by reaching out on social media. The joys of social media allows us to share and communicate without physical contact, so whenever you have time and are scrolling through, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook, why not show your support by liking or commenting on another industry professional’s posts? You can also give them a follow if you enjoy their content and also reach out if you have questions. Lending support to another industry professional doesn’t dim the light on you, if anything, you both get to benefit in the long term, so reach out today!

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