Introducing our camellia lashes

Camellia Lashes ????

What are Camellia Lashes?

Camellia lashes have been a huge hit on the international trends market and here’s why!

Camellia lashes are multi-length volume eyelash extensions, which means instead of the traditional one length on one glue strip, there are multiple lengths staggered on one glue strip. 

The reason for this is to mimic the growth cycle of the natural eyelashes so it appears more natural and wispy on the client. Remember how you would mix different lengths of lash extensions when applying lashes on a client for it to appear more wipsy? This is pretty much the same concept except you would have volume fans made up of different lengths to create the same effect. 

Why Lashpro Camellia lashes? 

  1. Perfect for creating natural looking fans but with the same volume of normal volume lashes.
  2. 3 lengths on one strip.  
  3. Helps to give more texture to the lashes. 
  4. Also helps when creating the “strip lashes” look. 
  5. Made from the same premium Korean silk lashes that you’ve grown to know and love from Lashpro. 

Lashpro Camellia Lashes are available in C curl in 0.07mm thickness and lengths 7-9-11; 8-10-12; 9-11-13mm and 10-12-14.

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