Lash Photography 101

Let our expert, Paige Muller from Body Wonders Studio guide you through taking the best photos for your lash art

Nothing makes me happier as a lash tech than getting the perfect lash photo to showcase my work.

I use my cellphone (Huawei p smart), nothing fancy. 
Truth be told, I don’t even use an editing app. 

Tips at getting the best photos:

  1. Good overhead lighting. Using a ring light/mag lamp or selfie ring are great for this. 
  2. Always select a focal point on your camera as to focus the lens on what you desire. 
  3. Taking a photo from below the eye as it helps enhance the appearance of the extensions. 
  4. Take your photos at an angle as it helps show the detail in your set and lengthens the eye, giving the lashes more focus. 
  5. Take as many photos as you can. I sometimes take up to 20 a client so that I have enough to choose from. Haha. 

If you’ve taken a photo and you find the focus is not that great, you can always enhance it. Big shocker, I do all of mine right from Instagram! 

When you’ve selected your photo, go in to edit. 

I always brighten my photos to enhance the extensions. Increase your contrast to darken the extensions. Fiddle with the structure (I normally go to 35) to darken up around the lashes. Increase your highlights and lower your shadows.

That’s it. You now have the perfect lash photo to showcase your work.

Happy snapping -Paige ❤️

There you go lash babes! At Lashpro, we are all about girls supporting each other and sharing knowledge and tips! If you have some great tips on lashing or anything related to lashing, send us an email!

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