Artisan Premade 7D lash fans 0.05mm (12 rows large tray)

Artisan Premade 7D lash fans 0.05mm (12 rows large tray)

R 99.00

*As the Artisan Premades are being discontinued as it is replaced by the Artisan Promades, the sizes are incomplete and therefore the ones that are out of stock are removed. 

Our most perfect premade fans yet – Artisan Fans. The difference between the Artisan Premade Fans and normal premade fans is that the base of the fans are pointy and pinched, just as if you made them yourself. 12 rows of gorgeous fans in a large tray of premium Korean silk lashes in the form of 7D lash fans. Perfect for volume lashes or hybrid lash extensions.

Available in:

C curl

D curl

8mm-14mm in length.

Single length per tray.

20 fans per row.

For professional use only. 

Additional information


C curl, D curl


8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm


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