What you can do with your micropore tape

We are huge fans of the micropore tape, we stock 2 lengths, 4.5 metres and 9 metres. We’ve been giving away some of our 4.5m as samples with your orders as you may have noticed because we want to bring awareness to how much this tape can help you when you’re lashing. Here’s why they’re great: 

  • They’re multi-purpose, you can even use them instead of under-eye gel patches to hold down the lower lashes for clients who don’t find the under-eye gel patches comfortable. 
  • They’re non-woven tape which means they are fluff and lint free, so you can say goodbye to annoying little fluff on lashes. 
  • You can use them to hold up the lashes that you’ve already applied to expose the shorter natural lashes to work on. 
  • When you tape up the lashes you’ve already applied, it can also help you spot which of those lashes are lifting, then you can remove them and from the natural lash and attach again. 
  • They’re super gentle on the skin and especially made for surgical procedures. 
  • When working on the inner and outer corners, manoeuvre the tape to hold back the upper lashes in the opposite direction, this way it holds back the eyelid so you have more room to isolate the natural lashes.
  • You can use them to hold your glue on any surface so the glue doesn’t mess everywhere.  

Our last tip is to always de-tack the tape on the back of your hands a few times, because the eye area is a super sensitive area and if the tape is too sticky and you rip off the tape too quickly, it could cause uncomfort and redness on your clients’ skin. 

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