It’s not the glue, it’s you…

If only we got a dollar for every time we heard “I think there’s something wrong with the glue because all the lashes started falling out at the end of the service or as soon as the client got home”

So, today let’s dive into a topic that’s near and dear to every lash babe’s heart: retention. The kind of word that can cause heart palpitations and anxiety at its mere utterance. Let’s start by saying what you’ve been wondering all the time – it’s not the glue, because if it was, it wouldn’t stick in the first place and the first time you open the bottle, it would be so thick and gunky, you would immediately know it’s not usable. So what can it be? Especially if you’ve been using the same glue for ages, you’ve done nothing different and everything has stayed the same?

The follow question is – so what is the temperature and humidity like in your lash room? You don’t know? Well then you shouldn’t be lashing. It sounds harsh and somewhat cruel but a doctor wouldn’t be operating on a patient without knowing the patient’s vitals, neither should should you be lashing without knowing your lash environment because it has EVERYTHING TO DO with the stability of the glue, the consistency, how it cures etc. Your lash glue thrives in a Goldilocks zone—not too humid, not too dry, but just right. Aim for a humidity level of around 45-60% for optimal adhesive performance. Invest in a trusty hygrometer to keep tabs on humidity levels in your lash space. A good temperature to keep your lashing environment in is 21-25 degrees.

So what happens your humidity is sitting at 30% or 70%? Does that mean your glue won’t work? Your glue will work but it will work differently – meaning lower humidity slows down the drying time of your glue and higher humidity means your glue is likely cured before you make proper attachment.

There’s some crazy stigma about using a slower drying glue! Did you know the best thing you can do for retention is a slower drying glue but using a curing solution in conjunction with it? Lash artists seem to aim for faster drying glues but then come out at bottom when it comes to falling lashes at the end of the treatment because that quick drying glue has half cured by the time you’ve made attachment! Trust us, no one cares what glue you use except yourself. Next time you’re aiming for a 0.5 second drying glue but actually working in 2-4 seconds, you’re cheating yourself and your client.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk technique. Yes, your technique matters more than you think! Take the time to perfect your craft, hone your skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the lash world. From isolation to placement, every little detail counts. Remember, practice makes perfect!

If you have any questions about ANYTHING, please feel free to whatsapp us, DM us and we will be happy to help. Take a look at our collection of lash glues here. Also if you need more details on retention, click here to purchase our retention guide.

Until next time, keep on lashing and spreading the lash love!

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