The Best Kept Secret Retention Guide (PDF download)

The Best Kept Secret Retention Guide (PDF download)

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We’ve never understood why retention has been such a mystery, why it’s been kept a secret all these years. Finally! Our Best Kept Secret Retention Guide is out! We’ve been receiving questions for years about retention and we’ve compiled the most detailed retention guide you could possibly think of! We’ve sat down and debunked a bunch of retention myths and stories that you have probably heard over the years.

What makes this retention guide unique? Our retention guide is fully backed by science, straight out of the testing laboratory of our products and how you can use each and every single one of our products to help give you better retention. What more we are offering is that with the purchase of this retention guide, it will give you access to an online forum or knowledge base that we are currently compiling. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers directly from us and our contributor.

With all that said, as much as it is the jobs of the lash artist, it is also the jobs of the clients to ensure the correct aftercare is given to the lash extensions. We also provide details in this guide on what your clients need to do to maintain her lash extensions.

Special thanks given to our contributor, Candice White. A truly magnificent lash artist, who is very much involved in the lash community when it comes to answering questions about lashing and lending support to other lash babes in need. You can find her on Instagram @papillonlashessa

We’ve truly included it all. Remember, KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

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