Blooming Camellia volume lashes (16 rows)

Blooming Camellia volume lashes (16 rows)

R 280.00

Our Blooming Camellias are everything you’ve dreamed of! It has all the properties of Blooming Lashes, which means they are made to stay together at the root so they are easy to fan, saves time, prevents wastage and no double dipping of glue is required.

The Blooming Camellias are also about adding texture to your lash sets! Premium quality Korean silk lashes in 3 lengths mixed on one strip, which mimics the growth cycle of clients’ natural lashes, meaning your volume fans consist of various lengths to give your clients fluffier lashes.

These lashes are perfect for open fans or closed fans lash sets giving off the strip lash effect.

Create beautiful, natural and textured lash sets with our Camellia lashes!

Available in C curl.

0.07mm thickness.


  • 7/9/11mm mix
  • 8/10/12mm mix
  • 9/11/13mm mix
  • 10/12/14mm mix

For professional use only. 

Additional information


C curl



Camellia length

10/12/14 mix, 7/9/11 mix, 8/10/12 mix, 9/11/13 mix


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