Lash Segment (Various Styles)

Lash Segment (Various Styles)

R 250.00

As a supplier of the professional industry, we have used our expertise to handcraft high quality Lash Segments which may be used in the comfort of your own home. No matter who you are, where you are, our lash lovers have access to salon quality lashes and apply them with ease (ok maybe with a little practice). Now you can make your lashes as natural or as dramatic as you want, whether you are attending a special event or want everyday glam, our Lash Segments are here for you.

All our lashes are free from animal cruelty.

Each box consists of 3 lengths – 10 segments of 1 length. 30 lash segments in total per box.

Glue and remover sold separately.

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Olivia 8-10-12, Olivia 10-12-14, Darling 8-10-12, Darling 10-12-14, Victoria 8-10-12, Victoria 10-12-14, Diana 8-10-12, Diana 10-12-14


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