Microfoam Tape (25mm x 5m)

Microfoam Tape (25mm x 5m)

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Microfoam tape is a great cost-effective way to tape down the bottom lashes during your lash appointments. Although, microfoam tape is a cost-effective solution to tape down lower lashes, it may not be suitable for every client.

Clients that are most suitable for microfoam tape are:

  • suffers from an allergic reaction to normal gel pads
  • have very oily skin and the gel pads don’t stick on well enough
  • have bulbous eyes or struggle to keep their eyes shut during their appointments
  • have sensitive and watery eyes during appointments

You may still need to cut the tape according to the shape of your client’s eyes.

Size: 25mm x 5m roll

For professional use only. 

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