SKY Glue Lash Adhesive 5g (black)

SKY Glue Lash Adhesive 5g (black)

R 250.00

For professional use only. 

5ml bottle.

SKY glue is an internationally recognised lash adhesive brand that is formulated with Korean technology that not only dries fast but also has lasting power.

These NEW and IMPROVED adhesives are more flexible, less fumes with increased lasting power.

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The unopened bottle can be stored up to 3 months provided that it is stored in the correct conditions, make sure you store the bottle in a cool and dry place (refrigerator).

Once opened, the adhesive may be stored up to 6 weeks. Store in a cool and dry place (refrigerator) and replace cap immediately after use.

Store glue upright and in the re-sealable zip lock bag.


When using the product, ensure that the glue has returned to room temperature before using if the glue is stored in the fridge. Be careful when opening the cap and wipe the tip of the opening before replacing the cap.

This ensures that you get the most use out of your lash adhesive.

The optimal temperature for this adhesive is 21-23 degrees celsius and a humidity of 40-50%.

Before use, shake bottle rigorously for at least 1 minute before dispensing a drop for the application of lash extensions. The glue drop should be changed every 20 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

Best used in conjunction with a nano mister spray.

Active Ingredient: 

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Each glue comes in a re-sealable zip lock bag with a moisture absorbent pack and pin.

Additional information

Sky Glue

Green (2-3 seconds), Red (1-2seconds), Rose Gold (0.5 second)

1 review for SKY Glue Lash Adhesive 5g (black)

  1. Debbie Hajjar (verified owner)

    Love this glue it dries quickly so for fast lashing its amazing… it really is just 0.5 sec and need to change the glue often. you can immediately feel when you need to change the glue

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